Salsa in Cape Town – summer 2016

‘sfar as I know there are 3 worthwhile regular places to be dancing

At Sun-kissed Summer Salsa Series 5 on the promenade in Seapoint on Sundays from 3pm, its free


“The Bank” on Thursday nights, its also free


Buena Vista long streets on Sunday nights, 30ZAR with a complimentary shooter


Any additional info, you’ll have to google for websites and contact numbers, don’t be lazy.  The music at all three weekly events is mainly salsa, with bachata coming in a distant second, and kizomba coming in a little further down the priority line.  The dancers for Salsa and Bachata are ‘full up’, with kizomba not much, if any to dance with really. The dancers are basically the same ol’ same ‘ol.  Important info for the ladies:  There are a few gentlemen few and far between who will actually ask for a dance but don’t expect miracles, “9 to 10” you’ll have to be running after men begging (I mean snatching them from other women dying to dance).  Or if you’re like me – who finds a man more skilled who can actually ask a lady for a dance – you’ll simply enjoy the music and rock the night/day away ‘el solo lobo’ style.


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