Free Event this week in Cape Town

The ZAR is weaker sitting at about R15.6 to the USD, the Finance minister, Pravin Gordhan is rumored (in official news) to be under threat of arrest for espionage.  No doubt if this is true, and it probably is, its because of Mr President Zuma and his corrupt camp coming under the limelight and being brought to book for running amok, abusing power at the expense of the country.  Locals had better hold onto paypal balances.  This could get lucrative.  Always a bright side …

Speaking of bright sides, here’s a free event: 

Cape Cultural Collective event on Friday, which I think should be quite nice.  “Celebrating our continent through music, poetry and dance.”

DATE: Friday, 27th of May 2016, TIME: 7:00pm, PLACE: S.A. Sendinggestig Museum,  COST: Free, donations are welcome.  Some of the featured artists appearing will be:

• Glen Arendse- on bow
• Odwa Bongo – singer
• Junior Rosa Choir
• Khadija Heeger- poet
• Primrose Mrwebi- poet
• Sam Jam- singer and guitarist
• Nama Xam- hip hop poet
• Mapumba- singer

I know the rand is weak, but be a darling and give a donation.  People must eat.  Ciao for now!


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