Liss for something local?

Yep, Cape Town is one beautiful place.  Beaches, mountains, wine farms, fancy coffee shops, yuppie culture etc.  But after all these years, trying to relax and just really enjoy life in a wholesome way, I’m getting tired of spending time and money just to look at that pretty face.  I’m at that point where I couldn’t be bothered about spending money on the pretty face of Cape Town. I’m pretty much tired of Cape Town in make-up … in principle.  Mostly I’m tired of it because honestly, really, besides the beach and mountains where you can truly enjoy hanging out soaking up nature without spending a single buck, the rest is all about spending money in restaurants and coffee shops eating and drinking which I can pretty much do at home.  Nothing that you can really “do”. If you feel like a bit of socializing out of your usual social circle, I promise you, it ain’t gona happen very often in Pretty Cape Town.  She is just that expensive pretty face that you have to keep spending money on without providing any real satisfaction.  The social culture in Pretty Cape Town is very Cliquey.  So I’m going to start keeping up with local community events … and if you’re interested, I’ll keep you posted!

Delicious Koesiesters

First on my list I found in People’s post for the month of August: 5 a-side soccer at University of the Western Cape (UWC) – fun to watch for soccer lovers. Special treat for petrolhead ladies at the races at Killarney racetrack – a full day of motorsport and some pampering Cape Town Inter-school dance talent show – Definitely better than watching Idols on TV Local Gospel musical with a modern twist – Jesus’ life set in Cape Town nogal 🙂 Kensington Comedy – Set in the heart of Kensington – a proper local Cape Town community Local talent show at the Joseph Stone Auditorium – Another live local talent show worth getting off the couch for. Go on … Give it a go.  You could be having a lekka koesiester with Ricoffy at a local event laughing your guts into shape, or you could be browsing around as aimlessly as tourists licking your overpriced Marcell’s frozen Yoghurt at the Waterfront… watching that same old copper mime surprising people for hours … again.  You choose.


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