Cape Town Kizomba hotspot

UPDATE:  whilst Wednesday night lessons are not happening anymore (temporarily we hope), Praia Morena is still the rocking hot spot for all things Kizomba.  Friday and Saturday nights as always are rocking.  And Sundays from 3pm, are special barbeque and Kizomba sessions.  Contact them for more information.  And go get your Angolan vibe on!


I may have posted a while ago about Praia Morena, the authentic Angolan restaurant in Cape Town, and the place to be for Kizomba in Cape Town.  At the time they weren’t doing lessons there yet.  It is the best place to be to hear the latest authentic Kizomba music and dance Kizomba with authentic Angolan men/women.  None (let me say hardly any – to be safe) of that anglicized Kizomba music.  All authentic 🙂  Why I love this place is because its so far removed from the snobbery of Salsa.  Unfortunately the Kizomba circling the globe is coming from those Salsa snobs and they have turned it into a similar dance of the snob as they have with salsa.  Well, FOR THE BEST KIZOMBA LESSONS IN CAPE TOWN, YOU CAN NOW GET THEM AT PRAIA MORENA, ON WEDNESDAY AND EVENINGS 6PM AT A COST OF 50 ZAR.  The instructor, Braulio Faria, is excellent.  He teaches Tarachina, Kizomba, Sembe and Kuduro.  He does private lessons too.  Whats even nicer is that Club 169 on Long street hosts a mix of Kizomba/salsa/bachata etc on Wednesday nights as well.  So its just a beautiful bonus to pop over there after class and shake what your momma gave you. A perfect midweek treat!  And on Saturdays, there is social Kizomba from 9 pm at Praia Morena till midnight after which the party moves upstairs.  Cover charge of 60 ZAR, I think.  And it may even be that ladies enter free.  Best is to contact them to check.  They are always changing things around.  Praia Morena also have Friday night parties, where you can dance your heart out. The party starts buzzing quite late (after 11pm) Visit their facebook page here

What we mere mortals loosely call Kizomba is actually a mixture of a few Angolan (African) dances (don’t quote me, I’m too lazy to double check).  These are dances are Kizomba, Semba, Zouk and Taraxhina (there may be more).

This is Kizomba (literally from the streets of Luanda):

As opposed to Taraxinha (from Angola):

And this is how kizomba is interpreted by the salsa community:

Taraxhina being the sexiest.  Well, what has basically happened is that the Salsa snobs have put it all into one hybrid dance called it Kizomba and make the woman’s pulsing ass the focus of the dance.  What fascinates me most is the extent to feeling your partner’s moves.  There is no set counting.  It’s all about feeling your partner (at least for the woman it is).  As for the man, its all about feeling at home with himself, comfortable with a woman close and feeling the music!  One of these days, I will buy/borrow a decent camera and record some clips of good dancing somewhere and post here.  Its an amazing dance.  And is actually danced more widely in Africa than just Angola.  Two other countries I know about where Kizomba is big is Mozambique and Congo.  In Congo, they call it Rumba.  Well, that is it for now 😉


3 thoughts on “Cape Town Kizomba hotspot

  1. Hilton says:

    While I think it’s great that Kizomba in Cape Town is growing (and Praia is a great location for it!), I do not agree with the negative and anti-salsa sentiment in this article; why attack another dance style with comments like this? It seems quite petty to me. I hope the instructors teaching at Praia don’t share the same view as the author of this article (I’m pretty sure they don’t); doing so only going to hurt the growth of both of these two communities.

    • misschief101 says:

      Thanks Hilton for taking the time to read and respond. Luckily this is only my blog and written by only me with only my opinion. Nobody asked me to promote Praia, or talk down on salsa. In fact, I love salsa, especially dancing with myself and men who love to dance for enjoyment and not to impress. Nobody at Praia even knows about my blog (although I’m guessing after yesterday, one or two know about it now). I guess since I got in excess of 70 views on this post yesterday, there are some angry, fuming local salseros out there thinking very negative angry thoughts about me and my post … “how dare I!”. Chill, dance is supposed to be fun. If its fun for you, don’t let me spoil that. Enjoy it and don’t give a damn about what I think. Here, I write whatever I want to write. Everybody will have their own opinion, and so the world is supposed to be. I myself have never even done a lesson there at Praia, although I have watched/admired a few and I used to dance there often loooo…ong before there were any lessons going. Other than that, I have been on the salsa/jazz scene since 2007, and danced wherever there was a place to dance and with whoever was dancing. So, I think I am qualified enough to say a thing or two. And having to compare the experience from the ‘then’ Praia crowd to the typical salsa crowd, I have to say, I am just being totally honest about the experience. Nothing more, nothing less. Braulio himself has absolutely no issue with anyone. And I have never discussed anything like this with him. As it is my blog, I am able to post whatever I like without censorship. I invite you too, to do freely as you wish. Thanks for your comment. Its taken me a while to get used to negative feedback, but what I know now is that everybody is entitled to put forward what they think and not have to feel shame about it. All our thoughts are valid. And our experiences too.

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