Looking for a good condition 2nd hand car in Cape Town?


hein motors

Then you’ve come to the right place.  I love the Northern Suburbs. Why? Because I’ve found many a good deal, from many a down to earth – struggling to make ends meet – entrepeneur/private seller looking to make an honest buck. Very unlike the shiny overdressed other parts of Cape Town. Hein Motors  (at 63 Brighton Rd Kraaifontein) in is my newest find. Their vehicles are in great condition. And while their sales people may not be the most eloquent or well dressed, their vehicles are in very good shape and prices are very reasonable. A couple of weeks ago, a 2009 Quantum bus (I think 20+ seater) sold for R54000, which was at least R50 000 less than what it normally sells for. Give the small guy a chance. Visit their page if you’re in the market for a decent second hand car.  If you do decide to buy a vehicle from them, drop me a line, and remember to mention that Nawahl Razak recommended you. 



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