A very hairy way up the mountain – Sunday 13 October 2013

I’ve been a silent member of this hiking group Cape Town Hikers on facebook for a while now but always seem to miss their hikes.  Mostly because I do like to hike alone because I don’t like talking and chit chat about everyday life when I’m hiking.  But it gets a bit monotonous as one never really gets to do different routes.  Especially not the hairy ones.

Two Sundays ago, I decided to join them on a hike.  I got to the meeting point right on time (7.30 am), and I had to basically hop off my bike and start walking, as they left at 7.30 SHARP, which is quite a first for me!  I was mistaken in my assumption that this would be a leisurely and easy paced hike.  I assumed this when I saw that the group was mostly middle aged people.  From the get go, I had to basically run along to keep up with them.  Shoo, they were fit! and fast!  It was only halfway into the hike that they actually realized I was walking with them.

We walked/(I trotted) along the pipe track until the diagonal path route up into the mountain.  It was around about here that I was going to give up and go my own way, but I decided, that I should try a bit harder, and not give up.  They didn’t rest much except at designated spots, and I think I needed to be alot fitter to fully appreciate the view, which when the walk started getting quite hairy was absolutely breathtaking.  I didn’t have time to take pics, There are some reduced pics on the facebook page though.  The path was a mix of very overgrown, very steep, Sharp drops down mindblowing steep gorges, we even face climbed quite a bit and popped off the track to check out a little cave thingy.  It was really spectacular.  By the time we got to the regular walking path, my muscles were just about ready to spasm.  Most of the group took the India Venster route down, but I opted for Platteklip Gorge because I knew it well, and I’ve read somewhere that India Venster is not quite a safe way down.  I didn’t want to chance it with my already knackered muscles.

The route was as given in the following post on facebook: “Sunday Hike 13 October 2013 meet at 7h30 at Kloof Neck Car Park. We will hike along the pipe track and then start up Diagonal till the rock band, from here we will take the route up Blind Gulley via the Grotto Caves and then come down via the 3 alternative ways: Platteklip, India Venster or Betties way: the Cable Car.Again this is a spectacular classic route on Table Mountain.If you want to join us on Sunday drop mean email to confirm.
Great hiking weather forecast with a a bit of cloud cover.”

All in all it was an amazing hike with a wonderful bunch of people.  I’ll post pics that the leader guy of the hike took:

hike7 hike1 hike2 hike3 hike5 hike6


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